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Yaşar Erendemir A.Ş.

Mr. Yasar Erendemir was born in 1937 in Kayseri. He is married and has 3 sons.He is one of the wellknow families in Kayseri. First in 1936, they opened  Erendemir Trading Company in Katrancılar shopping center. They were  hardware, haberdashery, stationery, glassware and spices began to sell. In 1958 he established first thread factory name was TEKNIK DIKIS INDUSTRY LTD. STI.
In 1964 after he finished his scool education and army job after his big brother Mr. Hasan dead, he passed the management of Erendemir Companies ahead.

He was young entrepreneurs, innovation, forward thinking and commercial acumen has taken steps in a short time. But not limited to Kayseri Tahtakale factory shop in Istanbul and has started to produce cutlery. This works not only limited for him ;  food, furniture and manufacturing sectors as well as the battery has.

In those years, the biggest company Erendemir Group , with regional offices in Ankara and other cities within the large fleet of vehicles, a large staff, it has become one of the leading companies in Turkey.
In 1990 a new factory was established in Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone on an area of 15.000m2, marketing and manufacturing jobs moved to the head office to coordinate in one place. Factory, solid fuel stoves, electric round ovens, ply plate, electric heaters and gas cookers are produced.

Yasar Erendemir  Group Companies  with Mr.Yasar Erendemir sons Aydemir , Ersin and Erdem Erdemir continue with the activities here till now.
Erendemir  Group of Companies  everday growing domestic market and export ;  continue to contribute to the Turkey  economy for many years.

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Product Line;

• Solid Fuel Stoves
• Round and Square Electric Ovens
• Pancake Ovens
• Gas Cookers
• Hot Plate Cookers
• Ironing Boards
• Dryers
• Stove Top Ovens
• Stove Coasters
• Roller Coasters Stove
• Stove Pipes
• Bikes
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