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Erendemir Saymed Ltd. Sti.

Erendemir Saymed Ltd is member of  Erendemir  Group companies  and factory was established Kayseri Organized Industrial Zone in 1990 at Group 15.000m2.

Our factory solid fuel stoves, electric round  ovens, pancake ovens , quartz electrical heaters, gas cookers, hot plates, stoves, pans, stove-top ovens and  stoves underplates with  wheels are producing.

Our main quality strategy, the World 'in line with the rapidly evolving technology, high-quality service standards and increasing production efficiency and quality of service within the rules of the free market economy into the foreground, is to become an organization that can compete on the national market.

Consisting of all the staff who work at all levels of the Company together with the goal of the management system, in accordance with the policies and strategies for  dynamic structure open to continuous improvement.

The company's raison  for the continuity of quality services at the same time the company has been recognized as an essential principle. In this direction, the basic strategy of international standards to remove the the highest level of customer satisfaction with the quality.

With the ever-growing domestic and export potential of our company will continue to contribute to the economy of Turkey.
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