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Erendemir Export Company

Erendemir Foreign Trade. Under the name Say Metal San.Tic Industry as one of member of Erendemir group of Companies as a company continues to operate. For the development of a healthy and sustainable, universal quality and standards products / services offering, suppliers, employees, and the national / international level, aims to meet the highest expectations of its customers.

Open to change, provided the product, quality of service and work harmony and kitchen utensils and heating industry is one of the best companies in the international arena

Export product types;

• Solid Fuel Stoves
• Round and Square Electric Ovens
• Pancake Ovens
• Gas Cookers
• Hot Plate Cooker
• Ironing Boards
• Dryers
• Stove Top Oven
• Stove Underplates
• Stove Underplates with Wheels
• Stove Pipes
• Bikes
• Furniture
Bor Toplum Sağılığı Merkezi Mehmetçik Mahallesi Tevfik Çalgın Caddesi No:12 Bor/NİĞDE Tel: 0 388 313 01 55 Fax: 0 388 313 01 66